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Infusing Modern China into the

Undergraduate Curriculum

East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

Grinds, Sweets, and Waterholes

There are many great eateries in the vicinity of the East-West Center, and the cuisines you can find are as diverse as any metropolitan city--Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Okinawan, Korean, Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, French, and of course, local-style plate lunch places as well as Hawaiian food. Some are located in walking distance, and others are easily accessibly by TheBus, the public transportation here in O'ahu. Also, there are many Biki bike stations throughout town for you to conveniently rent a bike, whenever you like.

We have listed some high-end superb restaurants for special occasions, but most of the eateries listed are reasonable. Take advantage of Bring Your Own Beverage/Beer restaurants and enjoy your choice of wine, brew, or any alcohol with your meals.

Restaurant Guide with On Campus Information, Phone #s and Addresses

Restaurant Guide categorized by areas

On Fridays, there is a farmer's market by the UHM campus center (on the bookstore entrance side, in front of ATM machines). They typically start setting up around 7:30 am and start breaking down around 2:00 pm. It is convenient to buy fresh fruits and vegetables there instead of hiking up to Mānoa or go into town.

There is so much information available on the Islands. But here is some place to start at: O'ahu Vacation Planner 2016-2017 by the Hawaii Tourism Authority. They have information on outer islands, too.

Maps to Help Orient Yourself

UHM Campus Map

University and EWC Area Map

Map to Manoa Market Place from Campus