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Global and national retailers who are planning for interior construction can turn to R+L Global Logistics for fast and reliable logistics solutions.


Retailers who are preparing for new construction, interior remodeling, or facilities upgrades, need a logistics provider that can help ensure the timely delivery of products and materials. An inability to meet the requirements of the construction project with minimum disruption to daily operations can drive up the cost of construction and installation, and can lead to a loss of revenue if the location is not prepared to open on time.

To successfully complete the construction or remodeling project, it may be necessary to purchase goods, fixtures, equipment, or products from multiple vendors. It is often essential for the shipping and arrival of these items to be carefully coordinated with the construction and installation schedule.

Another challenge faced by many retailers is having appropriate staff and storage space at the site during construction. Most retailers do not have staff on site every day during major construction, which can create problems for the supplier. They may also have limited space to stage or store goods that are received from multiple vendors and shippers. In many cases, the site may not provide optimal conditions for the storage of fixtures and equipment before installation.


To resolve these challenges, R+L Global Logistics works directly with the retailer to ensure that the entire process is well planned and coordinated from start to finish. A few of our services include:

  • Project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Communication between company, vendors, and construction
  • Vendor accountability
  • Consolidating materials and equipment into truckloads or LTL shipments
  • Ensuring that materials and equipment arrive on time
  • Advanced notice of problems with shipping and backorders
  • Delivery during non-business hours
  • Packaging and return of old equipment
  • Web-based tracking and tracing
  • Customs Brokerage
Business Franchise Industry

R+L Global's web-based technology and online tracking enables the retailer to view the status of any project at any time.

Customers can review existing projects, receive electronic project updates, enter new projects, or see exactly where materials and equipment are during the entire supply chain process. And vendors are able to check required shipping dates of purchase orders, and receive delivery status on products shipped from their facility.


New construction and remodeling of retail sites requires careful planning and execution, especially when multiple vendors are involved. At R+L Global, our logistics solutions enable the retailer to meet even the most difficult construction deadlines and complete installation with minimum interruption to daily operations.

R+L Global’s project management professionals can coordinate shipping schedules with vendors to ensure on-time delivery of all items. By consolidating materials and equipment, we save your company unnecessary shipping costs and help avoid costly delays due to inadequate storage or staging. We also provide advance notice of potential problems with shipping or backorders that can slow down or stop the construction or installation. We manage the details so you can focus on other priorities.

Providing reliable project management and logistics solutions for retail construction is just one example of how R+L Global consistently exceeds customer expectations.

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