Chemical Industry

Chemical industries, such as paint suppliers, are extremely pressed with the strictest safety, environmental and operational regulations. Finding ways to lessen their carbon footprint while eliminating waste, reducing cost and improving operational efficiencies are a constant trial.


During a planning phase with R+L Global Logistics, the client discovered that their current logistics model was highly inefficient and wasteful of resources.

The company’s original logistics plan did not utilize any type of optimization strategy required to consolidate shipments and implement options needed to conserve resources and reduce waste of excess miles.


To ensure a successful outcome, the company required a transportation and logistics provider with:

  • Supply chain consultants who understand business needs and identify logistics opportunities
  • An efficient network capable of consolidating, integrating and handling multiple locations
  • Expert knowledge of the chemicals industry; business cycles, warehousing, logistics, and inherent intricacies
  • A vast network of business partners to fulfill desired results
  • Trained Domestic Ground and International Certified Employees to ensure proper handling of cargo and documentation

Another advantage presented to the business was the option to leverage a centrally located warehouse in Ocala, which would allow for next day delivery to all Florida points.


Together the company and R+L Global Logistics developed a transparent solution that reduced the number of miles for long haul delivery points and identified a centrally located pool point in Florida that will allow 2nd day delivery to the company’s largest market. This enabled flexible alternatives for evolving and unforeseen business needs, while streamlining the company’s supply chain.

This is just another example of R+L Global Logistics’ ongoing commitment to exceed customer expectations.

Chemical Industry

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